the worst generation in history

Words by Clinton Barnes

Baby boomers have been the most selfish and destructive generation in the history of the world. And we need to start calling them out. They led the trashing of the environment while knowing about climate change. They knew about the world yet sowed division and conflict. And they have overseen the greatest declines in equality.

We've never seen so many people hurt by falling equality. And even the amazing improvements in the 3rd world are tarnished by exploitation through slave-like pittance and death.

But it is unreasonable to judge a generation. There’s been some exceptional, unique, and brilliant people among them. But as a group, they’re the worst.

And globalization, with population growth, may be the reason. They acquired unparalleled wealth and power through a new level of global connectivity and ever-expanding markets.

Greed is infectious. But we could also look at other causes. They enjoyed a post-war boom while being handed stories of their parents' hardship. They could have adopted a victim mentality while living in comparative luxury. And so, felt justified in the use and abuse of power.

Victims who aren't are some of the most unpleasant people.

Millennials seem to be the reverse: victims who don't know it. They shrug off unions and party politics as divisive diversions despite being their only hope.

As the sun sets on the lazy generation and their frail hands let go of the reins, perhaps millennials are edging toward voting booths of Bernie and Corbyn (those exceptional boomers), and asking, 'please sir, can I have some world?'