Google Dictates Global Corporate Tax

This is the response given by Google in the Australian Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance:

Google Corporate Tax

Maile Carnegie from Google explained why they don't need to pay the 30% tax rate which Australia cutely thinks it can impose: "So we structure ourself to be competitive. Google, globally, pays a tax rate of 19.3 per cent."

Side Note

Ms. Carnegie does a freudian flip between the collective pronoun and the singular: "we" (plural) became ourself (singular). So you have to ask, is Google a group of people, or one person? Here's an artist's impression of Ms. Carnegie:

(No, it's not. That's actually the Borg Queen from Star Trek).

In chilling terms, Google said they will play off countries against each other in order that they get the best tax rate; the tax rate they deserve. Australia just needs to be competitive, we're told.

Apple was also singled out for their gross disrespect for nation-states' sovereignty. (I'll start respecting their intellectual property when they start respecting my country).

$8.4 billion is how much we're losing, annually. And that's just the biggest companies.

But the community won't be moved to vote on this because time and time again, it just doesn't seem to motivate the masses. They will, however, be outraged by welfare recipients.

Unemployment benefits could cost as much as $7.4 billion. Could be, that's if the left of politics got the increase they pushed for a couple of years ago. No, it's more like $6 billion.

The unemployed drain the coffers through suffering misfortune. The corporations--taking advantage of everything from educated staff to government infrastructure--suffer from too much fortune, and disobey the spirit of our carefully crafted laws.