SocioPolitico is analysis of today's happenings from a unique, but sane, perspective.


Striving for a new perspective, or a different angle on a tired issue; it's about reframing the debate in more helpful terms. Providing a view that's short, sharp, and to the heart. What a lot of people are thinking but not saying, or a few people are saying but not a lot are hearing.


It's evidence-based or put in an historical context to stand up to scrutiny. It's not caught up in the cycle--it's related to the bigger picture; the older picture. It's useful arguments that can cut through noise around challenging issues.


It's not just about understanding our world but about changing it. It's not enough to just 'know', we must also be able to see what practical steps we can take everyday to make change for the better. SocioPolitico is covering issues that affect our daily lives.


The editor is Clinton Barnes, a political activist for over 10 years, working with several NGOs, community radio, and parliamentary candidates.

He's a professional writer who has been published on various online platforms. He has a degree in politics and works in communications.